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MONEY, MONEY, MONEY... TIGHTLY PLOTTED, DARKLY FUNNY, and charged with enough McBain energy to suggest a new dawn... involves a variety of felonious acts, including MURDER, of course, DRUG-PEDDLING, and COUNTERFEITING on a grand scale. PLUS AN ACT OF TERRORISM THAT WILL RESONATE DISQUIETINGLY IN THE LIGHT OF RECENT EVENTS."
Philadelphia Inquirer

It's Christmas time in the city and all the naughty boys and girls in ED McBAIN'S GAILY WRAPPED CRIME CAPER know exactly what they want from Santa: the $1.9 million payoff from a sweetly executed drug deal in Mexico... McBAIN PLAYS FAIR AND SQUARE with the complications that arise from this clever setup. Over and over, he keeps telling us to KEEP AN EYE ON THE MONEY, which slips through more hands than a third-grade bathroom pass once you factor in the Harlem drug deals, Mexican gangsters, Arab terrorists, United States government agents and small-press publishers (don't ask) who feel entitled to this mother lode of all Christmas presents. At the same time, McBAIN THROWS IN SUCH HILARIOUS DISTRACTIONS that you might forget the calendar and think it was April Fool's Day."
Marilyn Stasio New York Times Book Review

"MONEY, MONEY MONEY starts on the anniversary of Pearl Harbor Day and COMES TO INVOLVE A GROUP OF INTERNATIONAL TERRORISTS (one an Afghan-trained veteran of Osama bin Laden's al Qaeda) INTENT ON BOMBING A CULTURAL LANDMARK. While these fictional terrorists are different from their counterparts in the news (Mr. McBain's crew believes in tiny acts of terrorism) there are ECHOES AND FORESHADOWINGS OF RECENT EVENTS. Indeed, reading this ENTERTAINING AND SLICKLY DONE NOVEL IS AN EERIE EXPERIENCE."
Wall Street Journal

"Appropriately, the book is AN EARLY GIFT FOR READERS, a mordant but ODDLY CHEERFUL PACKAGE that reaffirms the author's status as a leader in the mystery field. Though it is entry 51 in the acclaimed police procedural series, IT IS AS CRISP AND FRESH AS IF IT WERE MARKING A DEBUT... The author seems in AN UNUSUALLY PLAYFUL MOOD... there are a number of UNEXPECTED TWISTS AND TURNS... ALL NEATLY TIED WITH A BRIGHT RIBBON."
- Dick Lochte Los Angeles Times

"Perhaps the greatest mystery about the 87th Precinct police procedurals is how Ed McBain, the pen name for Evan Hunter, manages to keep them so lively... WE'RE OFF ON A RIDE that seems to be going in numerous directions, rather LIKE ONE OF THE NEW ROLLER COASTERS. Well, hang on because MR. McBAIN BRINGS IT ALL TOGETHER in his usual satisfactory way. PIECES LINKED, CRIME SOLVED."
- Judith Kreiner The Washington Times

"We are ENTRAPPED BY THE SPELL OF ED McBAIN in the guise of the Magical Mr. Mistoffelees... Drug deals turn into misdeals; money is marked, dirty, menacing; secret service agents, terrorists, murderous blonds and bankers skitter and dodge around while the police go about their business... NOTHING LIES BEYOND McBAIN'S INGENIOUSNESS."
- Eugen Weber Los Angeles Times Book Review

"Carella and fellow detectives from the 87th Precinct become embroiled in a convoluted tale that FOLLOWS THE MONEY through the CIA, the publishing world and the underworld. IT IS THE CAPTIVATING STUFF McBain offers endlessly and effortlessly. I'LL BE THERE FOR NO. 52."
- Jean Heller St. Petersburg Times

  Evan Hunter