JIGSAW is a witty, and tightly plot-ted 87th Precinct mystery concerning eight pieces of a pho-tograph which together show the hiding place of $750,000 in stolen funds.
-OBSERVER - Charlotte, N. C .

JIGSAW is a fine piece of work -- a hunt story, really, in which detectives Brown and Carella of the 87th Precinct must reassemble the diversely held pieces of an old photo that reveals where $750,000 in bank-robbery loot is stashed. Each of the photo pieces is il-lustrated in turn, incidentally, so you can have a go at beating author McBain (in reality novelist Evan Hunter) to the finale.

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Every day the men of the 87th Precinct solve puzzles. Of lives interrupted, lives intertwined, and lives gone wrong on the streets of the city where they work. Sometimes the clues come easy. Sometimes they come covered in blood...

Six years ago four men robbed a bank. Then a shootout left them dead, and 750 grand missing. Now Detectives Carella and Brown are finding pieces of a photograph, each piece tied to a name, each name tied to a murder, each murder tied to the bank robbery six years ago. The 87th Precinct cops know than the complete picture will lead them to the money. They just don't know how many people still have to die -- before the last piece falls into place.

  Evan Hunter