Just when one thinks the 87 Precinct mysteries are part of the golden past, here, comes another one, showing Carella and Kling and Meyer and all the rest just as funny as ever, and not a bit older. There is a confession to the murder of a suburban wife, all loose ends are satisfactorily wrapped up, but Carella's bones tell him that the woman's super-respectable husband is the true murderer. Solved with the old familiar charisma.
- PICAYUNE (New Orleans, La.)

It's hard to believe this is the 25th novel about the 87th. McBain (Evan Hunter, as by now everyone knows) is about the best around on police procedure. It's a tough, solid mystery.
-EVENING NEWS (Buffalo, N. Y.)

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By day the city works. By night it plays, and everyone is invited to the game: the rich the poor, the adventurous and the tame. Sometimes, the playground turns deadly. Sometimes, the homicide detectives from the 87th Precinct are invited, too...

Sadie When She Died

The victim had a knife plunged in her chest. The husband was glad, and didn't hide it. From the beginning, Detective Carella is sure someone was hired to make the murder look like an interrupted robbery. Then the dead woman's secrets begin to come out of the closet. Now happily married, Steve Carella and unhappily single Bert Kling are entering a city's sexual underground to find out which is more dangerous: a world where anything goes or a husband with secrets of his own.

  Evan Hunter