"Amazing .. . McBain's telegraphic style gives his story a hard, reportorial surface. Characters are caught in a few memorable strokes; things happen economically. What is surprising in such terse circumstances is how much you have felt, or have been led to understand that the characters were feeling:"
-Los Angeles Times

"Familiarity with the cops of the 87th Precinct builds something like devotion: the more we know about them the more we want to know"

"Masterful .... Crackling dialogue, humor, and a devilishly baffling plot put McBain's new 87th Precinct thriller among the toppers in this popular series."
-Publishers Weekly

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The path to the truth is as slippery as ice – in a city whose heart is just as cold. The cops of this precinct know that anyone can be a victim. Anyone can be a perp. And killers keep killing until you put them on...

Once she'd been a dancer. Now she lies on a sidewalk, her blood seeping into the snow. Detectives Carella, Kling, Meyer, and Brown are learning all about ice: in a multimillion-dollar showbiz scam, in the glittering diamonds that spill out of a dead man's vest, in the veins of a small-time pusher. As the cops scramble for evidence, as the city shivers, a killer is one step ahead, and the heat is still up.

  Evan Hunter